About Us

Founded in 2012, the 100 Campaign is a global movement committed to tearing down the barriers to access to insulin for all that need it. Disheartened by the lack of global action towards access to insulin, a small team of advocates with experience in diabetes communities in resource poor settings came together to launch the 100 Campaign, with the support of the International Insulin Foundation (IIF).

We are committed to providing resources that move forward the goal of insulin access by 2022. Please contact us if there are specific needs your diabetes community might need.


The 100 Campaign chooses not to receive any funding from the Pharmaceutical industry. Currently the 100 Campaign is not accepting any monetary donations from individuals. Individuals or companies wishing to support the 100 Campaign can do so in-kind. We would also welcome invitation from grant-making organizations. For further information please contact us directly.


The 100 Campaign would like to thank Pebble Code for their generous in-kind support in the creation and development of “Is Insulin in Your Reach” tool and related visuals.

The 100 Campaign would also like to thank Hark design and C plus N creative for their involvement in the campaign.

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