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While research is at the heart of our campaign, we know we can’t create lasting change without a powerful voice that speaks of message of access to insulin to the world. If we’ve learned anything in the last several months, it’s this: in order to compel people to join us, we need to tell a cohesive narrative of our eforts that reflects our own lived experiences.That thinking is the driving force behind our 100 Voices video campaign and companion blog project. We want to share the stories of access to insulin from all angles with the world. Our goal is to create a complete and personal picture on what access to insulin means, what the barriers are, who it affects, and what change can be made to overcome the barriers.

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Country Stories
What Can the World Do For Us? (Part 1)
Nelly-Ange Kontchou
What Can the World Do For Us? (Part 2)
Nelly-Ange Kontchou

Day in the life stories of diabetes
How Can New Syringes make a Person Happy?
Rick Phillips
Health Inequity
What will Finally be Enough to Spark Change?100 Campaign
Injustice in Insulin – David Beran

Profit vs. Affordability
What is a”Fair Price”When Lives Hang in the Balance? – Aly Bancroft and Louise Kyle
When is it “enough” in terms of costs for R&D vs. affordable treatment? – Molly Lepeska


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